Building the future of construction in Australia with Rescon Builders and GenieBelt.

The construction industry is a significant driver of economic activity in Australia. It is Australia’s third largest industry, behind only mining and finance, and produces around 8% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It comprises over 330,000 businesses nationwide and directly employs over one million people, which is around 9% of the total workforce.

That’s why in today’s blog, we would like to focus on efficiency of construction projects in Australia. According to specialists, it seems to be one of the most fundamental issues in our industry worldwide. The good news is that the owners of construction businesses across the country are aware of the problem and are already applying solutions to improve the overall productivity and are preparing for a fully automated future.

Rescon Builders is proud to be one of the leaders, when it comes to project management efficiency across the country.

After holding a number of time-consuming and not always efficient weekly meetings, where Rescon’s team was trying to discuss potential issues of current granny flat projects. Our CEO, Tim Cocaro decided that’s enough, and he contacted the GenieBelt team from Denmark.

GenieBelt is a well known European company that provides a real-time project management and communication platform to improve efficiency in the way construction teams collaborate and communicate. That includes multiple sub-contractors and casual workers involved in a construction project of any size. Each project gets an overview and instant access to project updates, which can be filed in real time via a mobile app by construction workers and site managers on site.

RESCON Builders’ experience with real-time project management software by GenieBelt.

Completing over 200 granny flat projects last year has made Rescon Builders one of the most successful granny flat builders in New South Wales. With massive workloads and a rapidly growing team, our company needed a solution that was easy to use and could work off a mobile phone for quick onsite updates. To improve our building process we decided to test out GenieBelt.

It took only a couple of weeks to see the first beneficial results of using the real-time project management software:

– Improved communication:
Easy to use application lets our managers find information faster and stay up to date with current projects.
– Real-time planning and management:
The best way to stay in control of our current and future projects.
– Running projects on time and on budget:
Automating our process gave us a huge productivity and efficiency boost.
– Implementation of safety and quality checks:
The project management software helped us sort the large amount of data in our system. Now we can run detailed safety and quality checks, while being confident that even the strictest criteria will be satisfied.

How it works video:

However, our CEO, Tim Cocaro wouldn’t be fully satisfied with the GenieBelt’s solution without discussing the improvements with his team who will always be the main factor behind the Rescon’s success.

Besides the benefits listed above, our Project Planner and Defect Management, Tej Agarwal pointed out a couple of other features he experienced while using the app.

“Most importantly we saw, less errors, quicker turn-arounds and critically quicker builds. Geniebelt has given our company an advantage over our competitors, who are still using paper project plans, clunky large scale apps or worse nothing at all. GenieBelt has given back my life, with less paperwork and stress.”

We reduced the project construction timeline to average of around 100 days.

If you are looking for a Granny Flat Builder that can complete your project on time and on budget with a smooth process and minimum bureaucracy, Rescon Builders has the experience and technology to meet your expectations at every stage of your project.

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