Home improvement Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Are you thinking of making some changes to your house or flat? Perhaps you’d like to improve the look and feel of the place and make rooms more presentable, easier to live in and more comfortable?

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a full renovation, and you’re looking for some home renovation ideas that won’t break the bank. Here are some thoughts to get you started:


Instead of spending thousands of dollars ripping out your old kitchen and replacing it with a new one, why not try these cheaper, yet highly-effective, do-it-yourself kitchen decorating tips?

  1. Paint or stain your existing cupboards. Research kitchen colours in magazines or online and give your kitchen an uplift. Pinterest is great and you can create your own scrapbook to come back to later, containing your favourite ideas and the best granny flat designs.
  2. Paint the countertops. Special priming paint for countertops can be bought at hardware stores. Disguise damaged tops and co-ordinate with other kitchen colours.
  3. Update the tile colour. Another area of the kitchen that can be freshened up is the tiles. Again, special paint is available from stores, specifically for painting tiles.
  4. Replace or paint the cupboard doors. Rather than getting rid of kitchen cupboards completely, replace the doors only or, if they are in good condition, change the colour.
  5. Open shelves. Used to display dinnerware and glasses, open shelves are a cheaper alternative to adding new cupboards.
  6. Replace handles. Just replacing the handles on cupboards and drawers is a cheap, yet highly-effective way to give your kitchen a lift. Try a completely different style or colour


Renovating bathrooms can be very expensive, but with a few simple tricks, you can give your bathroom a facelift without spending a fortune.

  • New shower head/bath/shower doors/taps. A simple update of these essential bathroom fixtures and fittings will give your bathroom an instant boost.
  • Paint the walls. Time to refresh? Try a different wall or tile colour. When you decide on the new theme, consider buying anti-mold paint to help banish this unhealthy scourge of bathrooms once and for all.
  • Accessories. Add a touch of elegance and individualism to your bathroom with a new decorative mirror, ornate shower curtain or towel rail, and even a potted plant such as an orchid.
  • New towels and bathmats. Add the finishing touches with new towels and bathmats to match – or contrast – the colour of the newly-painted walls.


There are a number of ways to liven up the bedrooms while keeping a lid on costs. After painting with a neutral colour to freshen up the room, why not try these suggestions?

  • Chair. Add a comfortable reading chair to a corner of the bedroom. Complement this with a throw, a bookshelf, and a stylish lamp and table.
  • Rugs. Instead of getting new flooring or carpets, why not try introducing decorative rugs over the existing flooring? This is a great home improvement idea for any room in the house that you want to brighten up.
  • Wallpaper. Have you considered wallpaper? There are many options now available and they add pattern and texture to help give the room a more interesting feel.
  • Curtains, light fittings and bedspread. With the theme of the room now set, don’t forget the curtains and light fittings. The whole room’s texture and style can be changed just by upgrading these items.

Living Room

The look and style of the living room can be given a boost without having to spend too much.

  • Paint. As with elsewhere in the home, the living room will benefit from a coat or two of good quality paint. Try keeping to a neutral colour theme to make rooms feel spacious, light and airy, and then display colourful items (throws, rugs, cushions) as a contrast.
  • Shelves. Try a floating shelf to add interest at an affordable cost. You can display decorative pieces, photo frames, or a couple of your favourite ornaments.
  • New covers. No need to spend thousands on new sofas and chairs, just buy new covers for your existing furniture. This might also work for you if you are using surplus furniture from your home in your new granny flat design.
  • Ottoman. Cheaper and more versatile than a lounge, an ottoman will give your living room that special exotic touch as well as providing extra seating, comfort and storage.
  • Floor lamp. Affordable, functional and a great feature item, a floor lamp is a low-cost way to give the living room character.
  • Potted plant. A great way to “bring the outside indoors”, buying a potted plant for a feature corner will enliven the living room for little expense.

The range of home renovation products, do-it-yourself kits and paint kits now available at stores make it easier for homeowners to carry out renovations on a budget. High use areas such as living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens can be brightened up and given a big boost just by using a little imagination.

Whether it be home improvement ideas, kitchen decorating tips, or the best granny flat designs, visit us for more information on how we can help you.