NEW Granny Flat Display – Frenchs Forest Maximise space and boost your income.

Project Details:

Type: Modified Stella
Size: 60sqm with 13sqm Alfresco
Two bedrooms, One bathroom
Purpose: Investment

We are excited to announce the opening of our newest Granny Flat Display at Frenchs Forest. Built for Anna and Kasper, Rescon Builders were briefed to create a spacious granny flat to maximise the return of the existing investment property.

What a smart idea!

granny flat display sydney

After witnessing constant news about the ‘Granny Flat Boom’, Anna and Kasper enlisted Rescon Builders to help create their perfect design. Anna wanted to make sure the granny flat would blend with the main house. However, Kasper was more interested in how to visually enlarge the interiors, while keeping the project within a reasonable budget because of its investment purpose.

Along with Lisa, our dedicated Interior Designer, the clients worked on an existing granny flat plan “Stella” and modified it to suit their block and help create their desired outcomes.

To match the existing property and give the granny flat a timeless look, our couple decided to choose warm, modern exterior colours with a grey touch. The sharp contrast between brick and downpipe/gutter also complimented the latest building trends additionally breaking up the cladding & roof colours. Lisa never forgets the details, that’s why a softer window shade was applied not to overpower any of the other colours selected.

When it comes to interiors, Anna and Kasper picked all the quality inclusions that could maximise their granny flat space:

Among the most popular enlarging interiors tricks chosen for this project Rescon Builders Interior Consultant listed:

– Mirrored wardrobes – to make the bedrooms look bigger
– Polyurethane kitchen cabinets – with a high gloss finish for more modern and sleek look
– Polished 600mm x 600mm tiles – to create the feeling of a larger and brighter floor area. A lighter colour, fully tiled floor also allows for more versatility with furniture options.
– Entry door with translucent glass panels & sliding door – to allow more light into the granny flat.

Granny Flat Display Frenchs Forest

The construction stage went very smoothly and our clients were happy that Rescon Builders were able to redesign the slab because of the rocks on parts of the site.

The final effect is a stunning 73 sqm home that will impress any prospective tenants, featuring a spacious open plan kitchen with stainless steel appliances, dining area and alfresco ideal for entertaining friends and family during hot summer months.

If you have been considering building a granny flat in Sydney, but wanted to get a better idea of what the finished product would look like, now is your chance!


Granny Flat Display Frenchs Forest