RESCON Builders Tackling Customer Satisfaction From The Inside  

Conventional wisdom has dictated that “the customer comes first”. This adage has been followed almost religiously by most organizations. To drive customer satisfaction, operations have typically been centered around clients and their needs.

However, a new approach has emerged.

RESCON Builders has joined a growing list of organizations in understanding how workplace culture and employee morale transforms the customer’s experience. In our case, we have asked what makes us the superior choice for granny flat construction, and how can we continue this pedigree of success?

RESCON’s innovation team, led by CEO Tim Cocaro, has tackled this phenomenon from the inside. The challenge (and solution) comes from where we spent most of our work time – the office.

While the term ‘agile working environment’ might sound foreign to many, it has become mainstream a la mode in most larger corporations. So, what exactly is it?

It’s a workspace in which employees can work anywhere, at any time. The concept, also known as hot-desking or activity-based working, opts for a more mobile and flexible approach to employee seating. Instead of maintaining the same desk or cubicle, employees change workstations daily.

RESCON Builders Becoming Experts In Design

Design Aesthetic Is Critical For Agile Workplace Offices
Style is function; An agile workspace requires a modish selection of colours and textures.

New technology and even the specific skills of people within the business can support an agile workspace, but the most important factor is the interior design. This includes not only the physical layout of the furniture, but (just as importantly) the aesthetics. For hot-desking approaches to work effectively, the ambiance must support a culture of collaboration and motivation.

The rooms and spaces are designed specifically to increase collaboration and mobility. Eliminating traditional clusters of desks and narrow walkways, agile workplaces are designed for flexibility.

Instead of choosing activities to fit their workspace, employees instead choose a workspace to suit their activities.

The perks of an agile workplace

Is the shift to a new style of workplace design just a passing fad, or is it an effective way of facilitating teamwork and productivity? Aside from looking like a fashion icon, agile working environments also have proven commercial benefits.

Productivity & Employee Morale

Have you ever thought why some of us enjoy coming to work while others merely show up? Why do some of us break the barriers of a finite-hour workday while others watch the clock? One of the biggest drawcards to an agile office is that it’s comfortable, fun and promotes teamwork. Employees can easily collaborate on tasks and adjust their seating based on prioritized activities. This culture of autonomy and self-management also increases employee engagement while at work.

Technological Advantage

As businesses prepare for a full-scale digital transformation, implementing new technology has become critical. Adopting a modern approach to agile workspaces frees up more space in the office and accommodates an easier transition to digital cloud management systems. Along with the use of modular furniture, the location-barrier bridged by technology is reduced even further. This is especially important as most businesses transition into a millennial dominated workforce.

A Culture Of Success

Happy employees spawn happy customers. Employee satisfaction is often viral and manifests into a better experience for the customer. Workplace designs are becoming another aspect of the company’s brand and values, which strengthens the bond between customers, employees, and the organization.

Indeed, an agile work environment seems like a great idea, but it was crucial for RESCON Builders to make sure our work model can benefit from the significant change.

Are There Any Challenges To This Approach?

Agile Office Floorplan for RESCON Builders

Of course! As usual the biggest barrier is with people, as personal preferences tend to resist change. It’s hard to give up the traditional office hierarchy and let go of your dedicated desk with your family pictures covered in dust.

A key concern is also the furniture. Office appliances need to be specifically suited to an activity-based workspace. An outdated appearance with sluggish furniture can impede the functional benefits of an agile working environment. Many emerging companies such as Topaz Furniture are meeting this need directly by offering furniture that is aesthetically suited to modern working environments.

Designing an office for activity-based working is a challenge in itself. The floor-plan can look like an obstacle course or children’s playground at first glance, which may intimidate those involved (including employees). As anything, switching to a whole new style of working requires a gradual transition.


Is it worth it?

RESCON builders will soon find out, however were confident in a successful transition which will reap future benefits for all those involved in the business, especially our clients.

A move away from our headquarters in Wetherill Park to a new location in Norwest Business Park – Bella Vista provided a perfect opportunity to build an agile workspace from scratch to prepare for the future. We believe the benefit will ultimately pass on to our customers who need a more responsive and engaged experience when building a granny flat.

While it’s still early days, the new agile office layout with over 400 sqm and a brand-new showroom has already been approved and launched into development. This new facility will be the hub of our expanded operations and showcase even more of RESCON Builder’s leading designs to the market.

A full transition is expected by late April.