This section summarises key setback, size and legal requirements of your particular block.

Site Requirements;

Lot Size 450sqm+
Granny Flat Size 60sqm (or less)*

*note: This is floor area as measured from the external wall. This means a brick veneer granny flat will have less liveable area when compared to a cladded home due to the thickness of the wall.

Brick versus cladding, will shrink your granny flat by approximately 4sqm.

Additional standards;

  • not permitted on environmentally sensitive land
  • heritage restrictions apply
  • once the development is completed only one principal and one secondary dwelling must exist.
  • once the granny flat is constructed, the lot can’t be subdivided
  • granny flats are not permitted on strata subdivided lots or in community title schemes.
  • there must not be external alterations to the principal dwelling other than an additional entrance.





Block (sqm) Frontage Site Cover Floor Area Height Front Setback Side Setback Rear Setback Landscape Area
450-600 12m 50% 380m2 8.5m 4.5m .9m 3m 20%
600-900 12m 50% 380m2 8.5m 4.5m .9m 3m 25%
900-1500 15m 30% 430m2 8.5m 6.5m 1.5m 5m 35%
1500m2+ 18m 30% 430m2 8.5m 10m 10m 10m 45%

*note: front setbacks still need to be the average setback of the closest two properties fronting the same principal rd or the above minimum whichever the greater.

 starAdditional setbacks may be required for buildings that are more than 3.8 metres. Please go to our next section Granny Flats – Building heights and setbacks.