Section 7.11 contributions are the developer’s (owners) contributions to the local council.

Some councils impose Section 7.11 contributions for the development of granny flats. These can be thousands of dollars in some cases. These contributions need to be paid to council before you receive an approval for your granny flat.

Council should be contacted for a quote.

Section 7.11 contributions are not included in RESCON Builders Pty. Ltd. Pricing.

We can provide the following list of councils and applicable charges. These are subject to change as councils are always reviewing these.

Council 2 bedroom s7.11 charges (approx.)
Bankstown Council $500
Blacktown Council $4,000
Hornsby Council $9,800
Fairfield Council $4,000
Blacktown City Council (Stanhope Gardens) $21,000
The Hills Shire Council $10,000
Syd City Council $16,000
City of Willoughby $0
Hawkesbury City Council (Riverstone) $11,000


*These requirements DO NOT guarantee approval of a Granny Flat on a property.

This concludes the “Granny Flats – starters guide”. Please check out the Help and Advice blog and our Granny Flats FAQ.