This section focuses on three main calculations that any granny flat needs to show that it complies with, Principal Private Open Space (PPOS), Landscaped Areas, Site Coverage and Floor Areas.

Principal Private Open Space

The granny flat must show to have an outside entertainment area (e.g. usable backyard) that is at least 24sqm and that it’s directly accessible from a living room.

Landscaped Areas

This depends on your block size the following landscaped areas e.g. (turf & gardens) must be met;

Block (sqm) Landscaping Areas
450-600m2 20%
600-900m2 25%
900-1500m2 35%
1500m2+ 45%

Note: 50% of the above must be behind the main dwelling (house)

Floor Areas

The following areas are the maximum floor area (inc garages, carports etc) calculated by combining the sqm area for both your existing home, (both levels if applicable) and the proposed granny flat.

Block (sqm) Floor Area
450-600m2 330m2
600-900m2 380m2
900m2+ 430m2
Site Coverage

Site coverage differs from floor area as this calculation seeks to limit how much site is covered by built-up area. For instance a two storey building may have more floor area, but less site coverage than say a one storey building. The following table shows the maximum site coverage;

Block (sqm) Floor Area
450-600m2 330m2
600-900m2 380m2
900m2+ 430m2
Block (sqm) Frontage Site Cover Floor Area Height Front Setback Side Setback Rear Setback Landscape Area
450-600 12m 50% 380m2 8.5m 4.5m .9m 3m 20%
600-900 12m 50% 380m2 8.5m 4.5m .9m 3m 25%
900-1500 15m 30% 430m2 8.5m 6.5m 1.5m 5m 35%
1500m2+ 18m 30% 430m2 8.5m 10m 10m 10m 45%

*note: front setbacks still need to be the average setback of the closest two properties fronting the same principal rd or the above minimum whichever the greater.

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