This sections follows from Granny Flats – a starter’s guide.

The following is an overview of the minimum requirements as outlined in the AHSEPP.

*Note this is a general guide only and it is advised that if you are considering building a secondary dwelling that you review the provisions contained in the AHSEPP.


How big can a granny flat be?

The maximum floor area for the granny flat is 60 square metres.

Does 60sqm include garages, patios etc?

NO, 60sqm doesn’t include garages, verandas, patios, outbuildings that maybe approved and built in conjunction with your granny flat. This means if your covered patio is 12sqm then your built area could be 72sqm in total.

How big does my block have to be?

The site that the granny flat is to be built upon must be minimum of 450 square metres

Do I have to provide parking?

No. However keep in mind the principal dwelling must have off-street parking.

What type of granny flats can I build?

There are three typical options, these are;


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