This section focuses on any privacy requirements that need to be considered for your proposed granny flat. It’s important to note this section applies more for elevated granny flats (built on raised piers) and two storey granny flats than it does for standard granny flats built slab on ground.

  • Balconies greater than 3 square metres in area may need a privacy screen which is at least 1.7 metres above the floor level, but a maximum of 2.2 metres.
  • A privacy screen is needed for a window in a habitable room that has a finished floor level more than 1 metre above ground level, a sill height less than 1.5 metres above that floor level and faces a side or rear boundary that is less than 3 metres.
  • A privacy screen is not required for bedroom windows that are less than 2 square metres in area. If a window is larger than 2 square metres in the bedroom, the window may require a privacy screen or translucent glass
  • privacy screen: a structure that provides a screen or visual barrier between a window of a habitable room or an outdoor area on a lot and an adjoining lot which:
    • has no individual opening more than 30mm wide, and
    • has a total area of all openings that is more than 30% of the surface area of the screen or barrier, or
    • for privacy, a window can be made of fixed translucent glass which is unable to be opened.


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