This sections follows from Granny Flats – a starter’s guide.

Let’s start with 4 key requirements. To be allowed to build a granny flat it must be;

  1. Established in conjunction with another dwelling (the principal dwelling),
    • This means you cannot build a granny flat on a vacant block, so if you are thinking to build a granny flat to live in while you renovate, detonate or knockdown rebuild your house, remember to build your granny flat first.
  2. On the same lot of land as the principal dwelling (and not an individual lot in a strata plan or community title scheme)
    • This cancels our building granny flats on townhouses. It’s important to note that many properties look like one lot but indeed are made up of two lots. In such situations (depending on the size of each lot) you will need to first amalgamate such lots before you can approve a granny flat on your site.
  3. One principal dwelling, one secondary dwelling
    • Subdivision is not permitted
  4. Granny flats are permitted in the following development zones that will be in your local council’s LEP:
    • Zone R1 General Residential
    • Zone R2 Low Density Residential
    • Zone R3 Medium Density Residential
    • Zone R4 High Density Residential
    • Zone R5 Large Lot Residential (via development application only)
    • Equivalent zones for the local council area. A guide to the equivalent zones is at:

Note: These requirements DO NOT guarantee approval of a Granny Flat on a property.

Does your block meet the above 4 main points, if yes, then you can no move onto the next section Granny Flats – A rules overview