Turning your Granny Flat into a home

When building a Granny Flat you can also build a variety of additions such as garages, patios and outbuildings. Although your Granny Flat living space is limited to 60sqm your additions are not included, meaning you can have a footprint exceeding 60sqm.

It’s the perfect way to turn your Granny Flat into a home when building with RESCON builders.

Here are some additions which can easily transform your Granny Flat, creating a larger and more inviting space. 

A front porch

 It’s always the first thing that catches your eye when you look at any granny flat, and can make a substantial difference in the overall look and feel of your secondary dwelling.
The addition of a covered porch/patio can  easily transform your Granny Flat into a full scale home, creating a grander entrance. It helps to create an inviting point of entry for both guests and occupants, creating a warm and welcoming area.
The best part; it’s extremely cost effective at only $330 per square meter here at RESCON Builders, making it the perfect addition to your Granny Flat. 




It’s one of the most popular additions to a granny flat and is the perfect way to increase living space as well as bring the outdoors in, with plenty of room to entertain guests whilst still abiding by the 60sqm regulation.
The addition of an alfresco helps create a much larger space, allowing the living area to effortlessly flow into the backyard.
Love the idea of candlelit dinners outside or reading quietly in the fresh air? Make it a reality when building your new Granny Flat. We can customise the area to suit you.
But what if I’m only building my Granny Flat as an investment? I don’t plan to live in it. Increase your rental income substantially with an alfresco! It’s a simple addition that often makes the world of difference for landlords.




Have you got a large block with great vehicle access? Why not invest in a garage. A garage offers a luxury most people are prepared to pay big dollars for, especially in suburbs where street parking is a hassle.
Garages can be single or double and can help the granny flat look like a house instantly. Rental returns are higher and it’s the perfect way to extend your space whilst still complying with rules and regulations. 




Have you got an amazing view from your backyard? Why not capitalise on it and build a wrap around deck that screams luxury! Entice your future Airbnb guests with stunning views and a larger living space. Deck shape and sizes are determined by space and block shape. They can be simple in design such as off the sliding door or more complex by having them wrapped around the granny flat and accessible from multiple rooms.