Should I build during COVID-19?

It’s the most commonly asked question at RESCON Builders, with many clients worried about the implications that the coronavirus pandemic will have on residential construction. 

Residential construction within Australia has been labelled as an ‘essential service,’ which means that clients can continue to build their Granny Flats with RESCON Builders, whilst still abiding by all social-distancing practices.  

As part of a government plan to support the construction industry, construction sites can now operate on both weekends and public holidays.

“The construction and development sectors, which make up almost 10 percent of NSW’s economy, will be vital in keeping people in jobs and keeping investment flowing over the coming weeks and months. . . . The extended hours allow the industry to facilitate social distancing on construction sites while minimising the potential for lost productivity during the pandemic,”

Rob Stokes

Planning and Public Speaking Minister

The flexibility in construction working hours means that granny flats can be built significantly quicker, from the average 16-week construction program down to just 12-weeks. During this uncertain financial period, the option for clients to move into the granny flat quicker or, generate rental income faster is a comfort. In addition to time savings, building a granny flat during the COVID 19 pandemic brings forth the very essence of the Affordable Housing SEPP  in which it’s foundation is to tackle the issues faced by many Australians in finding appropriate and affordable accommodation within city centers at a fraction of the cost.

COVID 19 has had little impact on granny flat builds across NSW, with both contractors and suppliers eager to continue working while maintaining a positive outlook.  

“We understand the worry and the uncertainty that clients are faced with during this hard time. At RESCON Builders, we rely on a variety of contractors and suppliers throughout NSW, allowing us to continue our projects with little delay due to COVID 19. Our trades and suppliers are incredibly professional and always cautious when on-site, following all government guidelines and distancing practices with no more than four contractors on a job site at a time, and staying only in the backyard, away from the main dwelling.”

Shuvajeet Nag

RESCON Builders Construction Manager

The true implications of COVID 19 on the granny flat market are yet to be felt, however, the foundations of the industry allow companies, such as RESCON Builders to continue to operate successfully.