The 4 Most Selfish Reasons To Build A Granny Flat For Yourself

You’re the most important person in your life.

So don’t be afraid to treat yourself, just because you can. From your dream car to that cute summer dress, if it makes you happy, there’s a reason to own it.

Others might not agree, but that’s the nature of jealousy. People hate what they can’t have. So forget them.

And forget about housing granny or wise investing for a moment. The best reason to build a granny flat is to simply make your life easier, and outright better.

Sure, there’s the added rental income and financial future that comes with it too, But not everything needs to make sense. The best things usually don’t.

Sometimes your happiness, and your family’s happiness, is more important than anything else. So if you’ve got big ideas but small hopes, it’s time to change that. It’s time to stop asking why you should build a granny flat, and just enjoy one!

So here’s 4 secretly selfish reasons to build a granny flat for yourself and make your life as awesome as possible. If anyone asks, you can always just tell them you’re investing. It’s easier.

Make It Your Office

Reasons to build a granny flat - home office

Lots of people work from home, but imagine working from your home away from home! That’s tough to compete with.

And no matter where you work, your regular office probably won’t have a self-contained kitchen, private bathroom, and bedroom all to yourself (if it does, stay there!).

So why not move your headquarters from the CBD to your backyard? It’ll save you the devastating trip every morning and give you an unrivaled place to get your work done in peace.

Don’t worry about missing out on the rental income either. The extra productivity (as well as the saved cost of travelling) pays for itself.

Just think of the extra work you can get done without the distractions of a usual home office, like beeping appliances, ringing phones, and annoying door-knockers.

If you’ve been dreaming to give up the 9-5 and work in your PJ’s, a granny flat could be that extra push you need to finally make it happen.

Just make sure get yourself a P.O box or a virtual office that collects your mail. It’s more professional if you’re running a business, and it saves you from mixing your business mail with your personal letters.

Use It For A Couples Retreat

reasons to build a granny flat - it can save your marriage!

OK, so you don’t have to be totally selfish with your granny flat. But using it as a retreat with your significant other still benefits you, and there’s nothing better than being selfish together.

Everyone wants to keep their relationship fresh, but it’s somewhere between important and impossible for most people. You want to do it, but kids, and life, just gets in the way.

Then there’s the constant interruptions when you finally do get time alone. It’s tough, and it can impose on any relationship.

Dedicating just one night a week away from the usual chaos at home can do wonders for your marriage. A place for you and your partner to unwind and be with yourselves can help you rekindle the lost spark that’s now long gone.

Or at the very least, it’ll help you catch up on some much needed sleep on those cherished weekend mornings.

A granny flat is the perfect escape from life; secluded and private, yet still close enough for comfort.

It’s always nice to know there’s another option besides counselling or a costly weekend getaway for when your relationship needs work. You never know when it could come in handy.


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Set Up A Home Theatre (Or Sports Bar)

reasons to build a granny flat - the ultimate home theatre

Let’s assume you like movies, and your kids like movies.

Great, so a night out at the movies sounds like fun.

But the average cost of a movie ticket is $20 (really!)

With two kids, and a spouse, the total cost with snacks amounts to at least $120. Just to see one movie!

If that becomes a habit (and it often does, it’s a great family activity), you’ll spend at least $3000 a year on the occasional movie night.

That’s almost $50, 000 by the time your kids move out.

Let that sink in. $50, 000!

That’s more than half the cost of a studio granny flat, which you can easily turn into a home theatre yourself. All you need is a smart TV or a ceiling-mounted projector, with some reclining seats and basic speakers.

Even if you’re not a fan of movies, sports season can always call for a separate place to cheer for your team and indulge in a stadium-like atmosphere. That’s especially true when you’re doing the 4am wake-ups to catch some classic overseas coverage.

Lots of people are incorporating a theatre at home today. In fact, doing so in your granny flat yields the added benefit of trapping the noise into a much smaller space, giving you the authentic cinema experience from Hollywood right to your backyard.

Drive Up Your Sale Profit (& Get Rich!)

If there’s anything you deserve as a home owner, it’s a return on investment. You’ve worked hard for it.

But there’s no guarantees, especially in Sydney. How can you possibly profit on something that costs an average of a million dollars, especially when there’s close to a million others out there?

Much like a swimming pool, a granny flat adds instant appeal and resale value to your home if you ever decide to cash-in and sell. Buyers are always looking for extra assets that come with the property.

Not only can you factor in the price of the granny flat itself, but you can also charge for the added rental income that it’ll generate.

This is a winning strategy for any smart investor, especially as the real-estate market heats up. The added sale price goes straight to your pocket and towards anything else you want to treat yourself with.

Who says being selfish doesn’t pay?!