Imaginative Ways to Enlarge Your Granny Flat

Spacious looking granny flat with open floor plan and plenty of windows.

If you’ve made the decision to build a granny flat, you might be concerned that there won’t be enough space to make it liveable and enjoyable. If you’re custom designing your own granny flat with a home builder, you might want to discuss a few ways to ensure that your space feels larger than it is.

Rescon Builders are the granny flat experts in Sydney. We want our clients to be happy with their projects, which is why we give you plenty of design options and imaginative ways to enlarge your granny flat. View some of our sample granny flats in our Smart Range Gallery and our Designer Range Gallery to see how we do it.

Alternatively, you can keep reading for imaginative ways to enhance your granny flat.

Windows Make the Space Feel Open

When you speak with your builder, ask them if you can add plenty of windows. Windows will help let in the sunlight, as well as refreshing breezes. Tenants of the granny flat will enjoy great views of the backyard, too.

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are the contemporary design trend that is taking the world by storm.

By minimising walls, open floor plans create common spaces like join living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. This promotes a freer feeling of positive communication and undoubtedly makes your home feel larger.

An open floor plan isn’t just about minimising clutter. It’s about getting the absolute most out of your available space.

Where Do You Spend the Most Time?

As you go over the plans for your building, take the time to really consider how much time you plan to spend in each area of the home. If you’re not the type to cook, but you enjoy having people over, perhaps you can sacrifice kitchen space for a bigger living room.

Use the Space Outside

 Why limit your granny flat design to the indoors? Talk to your builder and find out how you can utilise the surrounding outdoor space.

Indoor-outdoor flow is a good way to create space. By creating a patio or veranda outside of the flat, you are adding to the space in a more meaningful and creative way.

Consider Multipurpose Furniture

By finding furniture that doubles and storage, you can save a whole lot of floor space! Purchase a coffee table that has drawers beneath it, or buy ottomans that can double as storage boxes. Your couch or bed could be at a height that allows you to store boxes underneath, as well. In the kitchen, try hanging your pots and pans rather than storing them in a cupboard.

Small tweaks like this can really help to increase the functionality of your space.

Talk to Rescon Builders today about other ways that we can help you enlarge the space of your granny flat. Call us today for a free site visit in the Sydney area.