How to Maximise Storage While Building Your Granny Flat


A storage space is a valuable thing to have at your disposal while you’re building your granny flat. It gives you the peace of mind in knowing that all your treasures and valuables are in safe hands while you focus on getting your new home built. It also saves you from having to beg family and friends to store your belongings in their garages attics and spare rooms.

If you go with a professional secure storage provider, you’ll be able to maximise this space and turn your spend into a valuable investment.

The experts at Kent Storage have passed on these tips to ensure you get the most out of your self storage space.

Choosing the Right Provider

The storage industry is growing every day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is growing alongside it. There are as many dodgy operators out there as quality ones, so you need to do your research to ensure your treasures end up with the home they deserve. The key to finding your perfect space is asking the right questions, which means asking about volume, extra services, the types of things they can store and, most importantly, what they charge for their services.

Getting Your Treasures Ready for Storage

Storage spaces can be harsh on your items. They have to contend with all sorts of risk factors, such as fluctuations in temperature, dust, pests, damp and humidity. If you don’t put time into controlling these risks your items will suffer. You need to invest in quality packing materials, such as bubble wrap and new, double-corrugated moving boxes. Don’t settle for old boxes and newspaper; these won’t provide the necessary protection. For more advice on packing for storage spaces, check out these storage packing tips.

Don’t Set Rigid Dates

A quality provider will offer flexible dates for storage. If you set rigid dates, you run the risk of having to pull your valuables out of storage before your granny flat is ready. Setting flexible dates will also save you from having to pay extra for last-minute storage, which can be very expensive.

What Type of Storage Do You Want?

There is a big difference between self storage and professional secure storage. Self storage is a very basic form of storage, usually just involving a locked space that you are required to pack and unpack yourself. Professional secure storage provides you with a whole lot of extra features and services that are designed to keep your valuables safe. You can expect climate and fire control, sophisticated security systems and the provision of containerised storage that offers superior protection and reduces breakages by preventing double handling.

Follow these tips, and you’ll maximise your self storage while building your granny flat. You’ll also save yourself valuable money and time by ensuring that you don’t have to replace any of your valuables, while also saving yourself from the hassle of having to run around and collect your belongings from your friends and family.

Follow these expert tips, and you’ll turn your spending on storage into an investment into your home build.