Granny Flats – Keeping Family Close


COVID 19 has caused the significant increase of inquiries for personal tenancy granny flats. The need to keep in contact with aged parents and other vulnerable members of the family while maintaining social distancing measures has proved to be a stressful and anxious time for many.  COVID 19 has forced the world and Australians to slow down, and with that comes the realisation that family is what matters most.    

People aged 70 years and over, people aged 65 years and over with chronic medical conditions, people with compromised immune systems, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the age of 50, are at greater risk of more serious illness if they are infected with coronavirus. (Department of Health)

While the medical benefits of social distancing are becoming increasingly obvious, the downside  for the elderly is that visits from friends and family will be fewer and this may leave many older adults feeling lonely, depressed, anxious and stressed.


So how can a Granny Flat Help?

A granny flat is a mutually beneficial and an excellent way to allow elderly parents to remain in their home and be connected with the family unit for as long as possible. This now means that grandparents and older parents, as well as other extended family members, can live independently while maintaining very close relationships, both physically and mentally. 

“Knowing that mum is a few meters away in the granny flat makes the world of difference to us during this time.
RESCON Builders Client


Granny flats are versatile in nature, they can have different street frontages, ideal in corner block scenarios  Alternatively, they can be located at the rear of the property or adjourned to the main dwelling if space is a factor

Families are also spoilt for choice when it comes to floor designs and specifications, with the most popular being two-bedroom, one-bathroom granny flats however studios and one-bedrooms have also boomed in popularity during the pandemic.

Click HERE for a 3-D Virtual Tour of a RESCON Builders granny flat

“So many of our clients are currently in the process of building a Granny Flat for their relatives. We see a lot of people building for parents and grandparents – and it’s the perfect solution for keeping loved one’s close while at the same time ensuring independence and space.”

Timothy Cocaro

RESCON Builders Director


RESCON Granny flats start from just $110,000, including design and approval. With a build time of just 16-weeks, building a Granny Flat is the perfect solution for families across Australia.