Granny Flat Myths Busted

Thinking about building a Granny Flat?

Granny Flats are dramatically increasing within Australia and are a great way to either be closer to family, or generate a guaranteed rental income. With their popularity comes some common misconceptions. Below are four common myths that we are going to BUST !



False! Just because Granny Flats follow size restrictions does not mean they have to feel cramped.  Here at RESCON, we try to maximize your space as much as possible, transforming your Granny Flat into a full scale home. Here’s a couple of ways we achieve this:

  • Open Floor Plans are the perfect way to maximize space, creating common spaces in your living/kitchen area. This creates the feeling of a larger space, reducing the needs for extra walls which create small spaces.
  • Your windows can dramatically change the appearance of a room. The addition of windows helps to achieve an illusion of openness.
  • Brighter rooms always create an illusion of openness. This means when you’re selecting colours throughout your Granny Flat it’s important to stick to lighter shades.
  • Outside space, such as the addition of a deck or alfresco, helps to elongate the living space and is not limited to the 60sqm restriction. That way, your living space can flow onto the Alfresco, allowing for greater space and room for entertaining guests.
  • Higher ceilings – opt for 2.7m high ceilings to really emphasis space!



False! Here at RESCON we spend time chatting with our clients to understand exactly what they are after. That way, we recommended a design that (1) we know they’ll love, and (2) suits the existing property.

  • The placement of your Granny Flat heavily impacts the overall look and feel of your home, making it an important decision in your building process. The placement of the Granny Flat is done in such a way to help maximise the outdoor space, ensuring there is enough room for the main house and backyard.
  • If a 60sqm is too large a granny flat for your block, we can customise your build and build anywhere between 35sqm and 60sqm.
  • Landscaping can really transform the outdoors. Think about grass and plants to help create the feeling of natural living.



Definitely, false! Granny Flats are the perfect way to earn extra income without spending hundreds of thousands on a brand new home. Depending on your suburb, a Granny Flat can roughly be rented out for $350-$450 per week.  It’s a great way to make the most out of a property. It can be rented through a variety of ways

  • Short Term stays – only want to rent out your granny flat during the holiday season or on weekends? Want to allow family and friends to occupy the granny flat sometimes? Why not?! Airbnb and other online forums give you the flexibility of picking what day in the week or month you want to lease out the granny flat, and depending on where in Australia, can achieve huge daily rates!
  • Traditional long term tenants – Granny flats are affordable and desirable. They appeal to so many groups of people. Couples who arent keen on apartment living or young couples with small children want to be close to great schools but can’t afford the hefty price tag that goes along with a big house or the high rents. So many reasons, trust us!



False! A granny flat is a completely separate dwelling and can be detached from the primary dwelling. Privacy is important to us all and here at RESCON Granny Flats it plays a vital role in the design process.

  • Window locations and sizes – positioning of windows is essential in respecting privacy for the tenant, main occupant and neighbours!
  • Granny Flat residents can have a different entry in comparison to the main house, such as through the side gate. This ultimately means that if rented out, residents from the main house and granny flat do not have to be concerned about using the same entry and running into each other.
  • Colorbond fencing is another popular option that allows for further privacy. Homeowners can choose whether they would like fencing between the main house and secondary dwelling.
  • Screening trees and shrubs – Bamboo trees are fabulous when landscaping and can create a great screen while looking amazing at the same time!
  • Privacy screens – invest in some privacy screens on those windows that may cause concern. Elegant and stylish they also bring an element of sophistication to the granny flat!


RESCON has redefined Granny Flats. Our quality builds are loved by all our clients. Make sure you contact us today on 1300 109 312 to book in your free consultation and get started with us today! We can’t wait to hear from you.