Building a Granny Flat in Your Backyard

Small blue granny flat in backyard in NSW

Do you have some excess space in your backyard? Why not invest in your property and turn that space into a granny flat!

A granny flat is a small building that is constructed on an existing property. They’re great for housing grandparents, parents and children, or even to rent out to tenants. With a granny flat in your home, you can promote independence, make an investment and enjoy extra income!

Rescon Builders are the full-service construction team that you can trust. Our workmanship speaks for itself and our friendly and relatable team will give you honest advice when it comes to the best granny flat for you.

How To Build a Granny Flat in NSW

According to the Planning Portal of NSW, a council or accredited certifier can certify granny flats if they meet the following criteria:

  1. They are established in conjunction with another/principal dwelling,
  2. They are on the same lot of land as the principal dwelling,
  3. They are within, attached to, or separate from the principal dwelling.

If your granny flat meets these provisions and is compliant, you will have 20 days to have it approved by the council or a certifier.

Granny Flats and Affordable Housing

 There has been a big push for affordable housing in New South Wales and granny flat owners are seeing the benefits of these changes. In fact, the NSW Government has streamlined granny flat construction, making the process easier, faster, and more affordable.

All of this is in an effort to help families to create new spaces, not only for immediate family but for other relatives and tenants too. The initiative aims to make it easier to keep families together and to give them a chance to grow their income during economically challenging times.

There are plenty of planning incentives that encourage homeowners and developers to invest and create new affordable housing.

Granny Flat Requirements in NSW

You can now build a granny flat in all residential zones in Sydney and throughout NSW. This means that your flat only has to meet a few simple requirements:

  1. You can only have one house and one flat on the property.
  2. You must not go over the combined total floor area of the house and flat – this ensures that your flat is compliant with floor space area controls in the local environment plan.
  3. The granny flat cannot be more than 60 square metres or whatever maximum floor area is prescribed by the council in local environment plan.
  4. The property or lot cannot be subdivided.
  5. The flat must meet planning controls (i.e. Building height and setbacks, floor space ratios, open space, etc.)
  6. The flat must meet requirements of the Building Code of Australia

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