Granny Flat Myths Busted: Maintain Privacy in Your New Granny Flat

Adding a Granny Flat to your block is fantastic way to make the most of your property, increasing its value and generating weekly rental income without the hefty price tag of purchasing a full-scale home. It’s also a fantastic method of keeping family closer; such as parents, grandparents and young adults who want their own space.

Capped at sixty square meters, a Granny Flat can be built on your property as either a detached (separate building, built away from the main house) or attached secondary dwelling (built against the main house).

Although separate buildings, most homeowners believe that building a Granny Flat on your block limits your privacy, when in reality, this is not true! In fact, Granny Flats are a fantastic way of adding value to your property whilst still maintaining privacy.

We’ve complied a small list of tips and tricks to help maximise the privacy on your block when building a Granny Flat.

Granny Flats are separate to the main house  

Regardless of whether a homeowner builds an attached or detached Granny Flat, it is important to note that it will be completely separate to the main house. Occupants in the main house cannot access the Granny Flat and vice versa. Each building – the main and secondary dwelling -have their own entry doors. It is essentially the same as building two houses on one block.

Add some fencing! 

Fences are extremely popular here at Rescon Granny Flats as a method of ensuring privacy. A homeowner can decide to add a fence between the main house and secondary dwelling. This transforms the property, creating two completely separate areas.

Your Design 

Positioning of your windows is always crucial during you design process. Here at Rescon, we can recommend particular window placement that works best for maximizing your privacy. For example; windows are all faced in different directions, therefore residents in the Granny Flat can never glimpse into the main house through a window and visa versa. It is these simple changes that make a world of difference to your overall build and privacy.

Entry Point

Create a different entry. Granny Flat residents can have a different entry point in comparison to the residents in the main house, such as through the side gate, around the back of the property, or street access if built on a wider or corner block . This ultimately means that if rented out or occupied, the residents of the main house and Granny Flat do not have to be concerned about running into each other and using the same entry.

Building a Granny Flat does not have to be complicated. Contact the Granny Flat experts at Rescon Granny Flats and let us help you find the perfect Granny Flat for your block, whilst still maintaining your privacy. It’s time to make the most out of your property!