5 Tips for your Granny Flat Build

Granny Flats, within New South Wales, are limited to sixty square meters of habitable space, which to most can seem daunting. Did I choose the right design? Is it going to be big enough to live? They are the questions that every client has repeated in their head time and time again.

We’re here to tell you not to worry. RESCON Builders are experts when it comes to Granny Flats; We’ll help you step by step, recommending the best design for you, maximising your space.

Here are some quick tips and tricks to help you save some extra space and create an enjoyable, luxurious home away from home.

Open Floor

Plans help to create common, shared spaces. Combining your kitchen, dining and living area is an extremely popular floorplan idea. This layout helps to create the feel of a larger room, minimising wall space and allowing you to make the most out of your available square footage.

Colours Matter

It’s not just about clutter and design. The colour scheme you choose for your Granny Flat heavily impacts the overall feel of your new home. We suggest sticking to brighter, lighter colours, such as whites, off whites and light greys. Light bounces off lighter colours, helping to create an illusion of a larger, more luxurious space. Continue this colour scheme throughout your entire Granny Flat when completing your selections – lighter floors, light walls, lighter kitchen finishes. It’ll make a massive difference, trust us!

Storage is key!

Storage is always key when it comes to any Granny Flat or home.  A fantastic tip when it comes to storage is to store upwards, rather an outwards.
For example, vertical wall mounts and hooks. They are a fantastic way to help save space and can be installed almost anywhere within your Granny Flat. You have the same benefits as traditional shelving without taking up any valuable floor space.
You can also opt for taller cabinetry rather than wider ones such as a ladder shelf. It’s these small differences that help you save innumerable space with your Granny Flat.

Multipurpose Furniture 

Multipurpose furniture is a perfect way to limit clutter and maximise storage space. When looking to purchase a couch or bed for your Granny Flat, go for one that comes with storage. Opt for a coffee table with some draws, or an ottoman that doubles as storage. The possibilities are endless! You can store your blankets, sheets, towels and other belongings within your bed or lounge storage space and can find some for every budget!

Wall mount your TV 

Limit the clutter and opt for a wall mounted television. Nowadays, Smart TV’s are the new norm, meaning that you no longer need to worry about space for stand alone DVD players and accessories – Netflix and Stan and your go to! Don’t waste your money or the valuable space in your Granny Flat for a television cabinet!

These are just some of our favourite, easy ways to make the most of your space. We hope this helps you make the most out of your Granny Flat!

Get in touch with RESCON Builders today and learn more about the ways you can make the most out of your Granny Flat. We’ll help you every step of the way, from design and approval through to construction.