5 Apps and Tools to Help You Design Your Dream Granny Flat

Instead of grappling with the out-of-control housing market, you’ve decided to beat the system and build your own granny flat in your back garden. As a result, you can look forward to the immediate benefit of saving space and the long-term advantage of adding value to your property.

However, the first step in what is akin to designing your own home is to construct the flat – and decorate it. But where do you start? Luckily, technology is here to provide a helping hand. We introduce the best – and most convenient – apps to assist you in building your own backyard hideaway.

  1. Begin with the basics

Designing a granny flat isn’t a simple feat, but there’s no need to employ an architect before you’ve decided what style or build you need. Whether you’ve got an existing dwelling to renovate and want to come up with a brand-new interior floor plan or you’re starting completely from scratch, we’ve got the app for you. Sweet Home 3D allows users to draw their own walls before employing the drag-and-drop function on everything from doors and windows to furniture and appliances. Next, you can customise the size and colour of these facets for the ultimate in realism. The clever app even designs the results in 2D or 3D to really set the scene.

And that’s not all: users can switch up the colour or texture of the floors, ceilings and walls, with the additional ability to import your own patterns into the programme for total customisation.

  1. Discover design influences

Houzz, a global community of 40 million homeowners, DIY obsessives and design professionals, is a treasure trove of inspiration for those looking to design their own home. Not only can you find professional-quality interior design pictures and ideas, you can also locate and commission the architects, creators and builders that are necessary to assist in replicating them. Product recommendations are also available on the site, as well as a useful user forum supplying tailored advice and extra information.

  1. Find Down-to-Earth DIY ideas

Searching for ideas that are a little more within reach of the ordinary person than the magazine-style interiors of Houzz? Find granny flat designs on Pinterest, as well as a whole host of other ideas and inspirations to help kick-start the creative process. You can gather the photos you find – on Pinterest and other websites – to create aesthetically pleasing mood boards for every room’s interior design. This app is particularly excellent for discovering DIY tutorials and quick tips anyone can take on.

  1. Let there be light

Sun Seeker is – quite literally – an app that searches for sunshine. It allows users to discover the ideal solar position and path for your granny flat, with the ability to choose any location in the world within the platform – including your own back garden. With this smart platform, you can even find out where it’s best for your windows to face in order to maximise or minimise light.

  1. Select a splash of colour

Unless you have acres of room in your yard, in all likelihood your granny flat design will be compact. Choosing neutral hues is therefore a necessity as they open up interiors and create the illusion of extra space. Find your perfect tone with ColourSmart by BEHR™ Mobile, which allows users to preview a rainbow of shades on indoor or outdoor walls within the app. This platform has also gathered the most pleasing colour combinations in one space, to ensure settling on the right scheme is as easy as pie.

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