Tips and tricks for making your granny flat bathroom look bigger

While granny flats have size restrictions, there is no reason why yours has to feel unnecessarily small either.

If you built your granny flat to house a loved one, ofcourse you would want them to feel comfortable within the space. Moreover, if you built your granny flat for investment purposes, the way you organise the space inside may in fact be crucial for it’s market value.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to maximise space in your granny flat.

In today’s blog, our Specialists from Rescon Builders would like to focus on how to make your granny flat bathroom feel and look bigger:

spacious granny flat

1. Create space with the right colour

Perhaps the most critical way to create the illusion of more space is to choose the right colour of paint. Pale colours, especially pastels and off-whites, reflect light and increase the room’s brightness. If you’re using wallpaper, stay away from heavy patterns and dark colours. The best wallpapers will have a white or pale base with a delicate pattern.

If you still aren’t quite sure about your the colour of your walls, don’t worry with Rescon’s wide range of paints and onsite Interior Designer we help our client’s make the hardest granny flat decisions.

2. It’s all about the light

Carefully considered lighting is very effective in playing tricks on our eyes and creating the illusion that the walls are further apart. To do this, try adding more lighting in low-light areas and opt for higher wattage bulbs. If you can, add natural light through skylights or choosing bigger windows for your granny flat.

3. Go BIG on mirrors

You may have already seen this done in your favourite café or restaurant in Sydney. Adding a strategically placed mirror is a powerful way to create the sense of greater space in even the smallest area. Remember to choose a mirror that suits your style, as well as what you’re planning to achieve. A large horizontal mirror will produce the effect of extending a space, whereas a vertical mirror will create the sense of a raised ceiling height. Placing a mirror opposite an outside window will capture the incoming light and reflect it back into the room, brightening the space and ‘pushing out’ the walls.

4. Get more floor space

Another cost-effective, space-saving idea is to install wall suspended storage units and vanities. Floating shelves or wall recesses in the shower and around the toilet are ideal for storing cleaning products and toiletries. Simple things like using the back of the bathroom door to hang a towel rack can also work miracles. Everything you do to maximise your floor space will always make your bathroom appear larger.

4. Less is more

Clutter can make your granny flat bathroom feel cramped and small. Try to eliminate as much of it as possible by storing toiletries out of sight in a cabinet. Make an effort to display only essential items and simple decorations.

5. Think about the bigger picture

The best way to maximise your bathroom space is to think about it before you build your granny flat. Rescon Builders offers many practical design options that will help enlarge your interiors.

Give us a call and speak to one of our Specialists about your granny flat needs.

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