8 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Granny Flats

Decorating our homes is definitely one of the most exciting things about the holiday season.
As children, many of us thought that breaking out the Christmas decorations each December was almost better than Christmas itself. There’s nothing like the feeling of decking the halls with garlands and bows to welcome the holiday spirit into your home.

Nowadays, when people think of holiday decor, they probably imagine large Christmas trees, specialty candles and outdoor light-up Santas. If you live in a granny flat, you probably don’t have the storage space for decor items used only once a year. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun involved in decorating just because your living space is smaller.

All it takes is an open mind and some extra creativity!

That’s why for today’s blog we decided to gather some of the most useful tips from the RESCON Builders Interior Design Consultants and share them with our followers, so you can fully enjoy Christmas in your granny flat this year.

1. Try a tiny Christmas tree

Keep it small and simple with an adorable miniature Christmas tree. If you can spare a corner on the floor, a tiny tree looks even cuter in a granny flat. Or if you don’t have enough floor space, go even smaller with a tabletop version.

2. Go outdoors

Really hurting for space?There’s one thing we all have, in big and small houses alike: Doors! So, if there isn’t enough room to decorate indoors, go outdoors! You will be welcomed by holiday charm whenever you come home and your guests will never doubt your dedication to the season. Add a festive Christmas reef to your granny flat’s front door to welcome the holiday spirit into your space.
Still feeling limited by your 60 square metres?
Don’t forget about adding an Alfresco to your granny flat design. This extra outdoor space will make a great spot for a Christmas BBQ with your friends and family.

3. Play with Eco decor

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to buy every single disposable plastic decoration to make your house look stylish for the holiday season. Greenery, fruits, fresh herbs and spices are all beautiful options that can return to the soil once the holidays are over.

For those who don’t like baking, we found this stunning DIY candle with cinnamon sticks tied around for an almost authentic scent of freshly baked Christmas pies.

granny flat Christmas decorations

4. Lights, lights, lights

Twinkle lights are the perfect way to add ambience to your granny flat; and once the holidays are over, you can use them for auxiliary lighting all year round. At RESCON, we recommend using LED string lights for the smallest electrical draw.
Hang lights everywhere – above your kitchen cabinets, around your windows, or from the ceiling and around door frames. The ideas are truly unlimited here.

5. Give your granny flat a holiday aroma

The smell goes a long way in setting the Christmas atmosphere and filling your granny flat with holiday scents can make up for minimal decor. Katherine, our Granny Flat Specialist, recommends her famous cranberry and cinnamon Christmas cake that will turn every granny flat into a winter wonderland for the senses.

granny flat christmas decoration

6. A seasonal makeover for your shelves

Dress your furniture for the holidays with glittering glass balls or string lights. Choose a ribbon that matches the room’s colour scheme or compliments it nicely, then use removable adhesive hooks to hang the ornaments from your bookshelves, cupboards, or kitchen cabinets.

7. Decorate with wrapping paper

Once you have your presents packed, let them double as decorations. Adding a few sprigs of festive foliage to brown paper wrapping with twine is a tasteful way to celebrate the season’s bounties indoors and draw attention to the Christmas gifts.

christmas decorations granny flats

8. Dress up your place settings

The best way to decorate small spaces is to integrate decorations into objects you are using. Mix and match holiday-colour dishes, napkins, and tablecloths for a simply stunning addition to your granny flat decor. Try setting the table a few hours before a party, so guests can enjoy the sophisticated look.

For more ideas on how to decorate your granny flat all year long, make sure you follow our Rescon Builders blog.

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