5 tips for designing & decorating your granny flat

A well designed granny flat can significantly add value to your home and provide a warm and comfortable environment for your loved ones. It is also a good opportunity to put your design skills to the test. Here are five tips on how to design and decorate your granny flat. Once you have an idea in mind, Rescon Builders and the renovations & extensions team can help you make your plans a reality.


With the appropriate renovations and extensions, a lot of space can be added to create a modern and luxurious environment for your granny flat. Making the most of the outdoors space can bring significant light into the granny flat and become a safe environment for your loved ones to play in the sun or enjoy an outdoor breakfast together.

Some of the many Rescon Builders granny flat designs provide an extended porch where you can add a table, chairs, and even a bench to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite book or the company of your loved ones. The Rescon Builders granny flats also offer the option of adding large windows to make the connection from indoors to outdoors as seamless as possible.


Making the most of the space available is the goal here, and although storage is important, it can take up significant space around the granny flat and crowd a room. One solution is to use the space under a bed or a bench as storage since a bedroom is where storage is the most needed.

Another tip is to use the space away from the floor to add accessible storage like wall mounted shelves or a shelf rack with hooks. In your bathroom, consider hanging multilevel fruit baskets from the ceiling to keep your shampoos and soap within reach.


Renovating a granny flat can really bring your creativity forward. One way to create the exact ambiance you are looking for is to make a quick assessment of the natural light throughout the granny flat. The thicker the glass on a mirror, the more reflective light it captures and mirrors can even make a hallway look longer.

A clever trick for smaller rooms is to place two of the same mirrors directly opposite one another. The seemingly infinite set of reflections creates a sense of endless depth, making the room feel bigger and lighter.

lilacs in kitchen with tiles


The possibilities are endless once you get to deciding on the furniture to use to renovate your granny flat. Now that the walls, floor, and lighting complement each other and create the perfect environment you were looking for, it’s time to make the granny flat as comfortable as you want.

Choose the style and colours you prefer for the couches, chairs and tables around the granny flat. You can have a lot of fun with the outdoor space too, especially on the porch where you can add a breakfast table to enjoy the day.


Renovating the kitchen can come a long way to increase the value of your home. It’s also a central place for family gathering and bringing the whole family together. The kitchen is as fun to renovate as when you decide which furniture to pick. There are thousands of design styles for a kitchen like modern, contemporary, or luxurious, amongst others.

You can add stools by the kitchen counters for guests to enjoy a meal and to save the space a table would require. The best part is that you can play around with the designs and decide if you want all the rooms and furniture to match or have a completely different ambiance.


Rescon Builders would love to give you more advice on how to take on renovations and extensions for your granny flat and even can provide custom built services. Contact our team on 1300 110 046 to see the different ways you can add value to your property.